I’ve been suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum

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Doesn’t that name sound awful? Hyperemesis Gravidarum…

Well it is bad. I won’t sugar coat it.

For me it started around the 12th week. The first weeks of pregnancy I only had nausea and a few episodes of throwing up (like 5) but then all of the sudden one day I started throwing up 6, 7, 8, 10, 15, 20 times a day… and this went on for WEEKS… and let me tell you, it’s not pleasant.

You are in the bathroom floor, shaking, eyes blood shot, broken capillaries everywhere, dreading the next episode, crying non stop because you feel extremely nauseous, you haven’t been able to drink fluids or even eat something light (trust me fruit or crackers don’t cut it), your neck stiff because your body has been straining so much trying to throw up pretty much nothing (stomach is already empty), you get the picture.

Going to work at 7:00am obviously doesn’t help either but necessary since I need health insurance.

Finally, after a trip to the ER because of extreme dehydration I was able to get Zofran and after a few weeks on it, my appetite is back to “normal”. I’ve been lucky that Zofran worked for me, I know that it doesn’t do the trick for everyone but if I keep taking it (2-3 times a day) I can function and eat regular meals. If I don’t take it then I start throwing up again. I’ve also gained some of the weight I lost during that horrible period, so that’s good.  :)

Anyways I don’t want to throw a pity party for myself, just wanted to tell my story. Still when I read this post it really doesn’t make justice for how it really feels to be sick like that (and I’m omitting some details), but I guess it’s nice to write it down. I’m sure some women will read this and relate.

Besides being sick, the baby is doing great, she’s healthy and that’s what matters. I’m 20 weeks, and she’s moving a lot which makes me insanely happy!


For more info on Hyperemesis Gravidarum you can visit: http://www.helpher.org/

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