New Ecotools: Face & Body Sculpting Brush

Posted by Sofie on January 24, 2013 | 3 Comments

Face & Body Sculpting Brush

I love trying out new brushes, and the new Ecotools Face & Body Sculpting Brush looked interesting.

First, the brush bristles are really good quality, like all other Ecotools brushes that I’ve had before, they are super soft. In their website this is what they say about it:

“Create buildable coverage with our incredibly soft and impressively large brush head that is perfect for all-over body application and definition. This multi-functional brush sweeps powder or bronzer to contour from your d├ęcolletage to your shoulders, neck and face. Made with beautifully soft, cruelty-free bristles and a sleek bamboo handle, this brush will sculpt your way to a beautiful glow.”

Face & Body Sculpting Brush

(Pardon my wrinkly hands, they’ve been like that my whole life lol) I can see myself using it on my neck, probably around the jawbone area for some definition, but not on my cheeks. I still have to play with it but when I was using it yesterday it just seemed too big. It wouldn’t work well to do defined cheekbones because the brush is just too wide to work with.

Like I said, I’ll keep playing with it but for now I don’t think it’ll be of good use on my face, but we’ll see.

I took some additional pictures so that you can have a better idea of how the brush looks.

Still a pretty good quality brush overall like all other Ecotools brushes. You can purchase it from

Have you tried this brush yet? Let me know what you think!

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3 Responses to “New Ecotools: Face & Body Sculpting Brush”

  1. avatar Keyana says:

    The shape of this brush is so intriguing! I probably have no use for it but I still want it, LOL.

  2. avatar Sofie says:

    That’s why I bought it. I was just so curious to try it out!

  3. avatar Stephanie says:

    How does this compare size wise to the Bare Escentuals brush that is similarly shaped? I use the BE brush to apply self tanner. Would this work for that purpose?

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