My makeup wish list for January 2013

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Buxom Lipcream

Here’s my January makeup wishlist. We are still in December but it’s only like 2 days away from being January so I decided to make a post of my wish list for this coming month.

I’ve been doing some research and I love my Nars lipgloss but I would like to purchase the Buxom Lipcream in White Russian. I did go to Sephora to swatch it and I really liked the pigmentation and texture of this formula, plus is also cheaper that nars so I might get two colors in the pink/nude range to try out. I’ll definitely post some pictures of it once I buy it. I haven’t gone back yet because the stores are packed or I might just ordered online…it’s way easier and I’m super lazy sometimes hehe.


Check out my other two items on my wish list for January:

Illamasqua blush

Next is another Illamasqua blush. This time I would like to try out Tremble. I purchased Naked Rose which I loved. The texture and color are gorgeous so I will definitely try out Tremble this time but I’ll have to order this online since the stores don’t carry it. Boo :(

Now here’s an old one but a very good buy. I love this primer, I first tried it when it came out and loved how it made my skin look. Now a days I only use it on special occasions but since my skin is getting a little bit older I can definitely see the benefit of using a primer on a daily basis under my MUFE HD foundation. This is definitely a must have or HG like some people say.

Let me know of your wish list items for this new year, maybe I can get some ideas for mine.   :)

Hope every one is having a good weekend!


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