Getting my hands on some beeswax cream

Posted by Sofie on March 25, 2013 | Comment

Savannah Bee Company

Remember that awesome Honey store I told about? Well I found a little treasure that day.

While perusing their aisles and having a wonderful time tasting their varieties of honey, I found a little table with different beeswax products.

I wanted to buy all of them but obviously, I’m not made of money so I decided to purchase their Beeswax Hand Cream!

hand cream

Yum yum yum, what a treat. I didn’t eat it, but I used daily to moisturize my hand, arms, feet, legs etc etc. Smells sooo good, and it’s super silky. It contains Sweet Almond and Pecan Oils, and you can definitely smell a little bit of the almond.

They really have some awesome products so go ahead and check out their website, they have some delicious honey and great body products!

*This is not a paid post!!  I just loved the place   :D



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