My Friday favorites

Posted by Sofie on January 25, 2013 | 3 Comments

Michael Kors Gold Watch

Here are my Friday favorites: Michael Kors gold watch and Loft necklace. I took the picture because it so just happens that I had this two items right next to each other on my computer desk because I wear them all the time.

I’ve had this watch for a couple of years and I’ll be honest, even though the battery has died, I still use it. My husband think is ridiculous and I kinda of agree with him. Why use a watch that I doesn’t work? Well… because it looks pretty *bangs head against keyboard*.

Anyways besides my silly reasons for wearing it. It’s one of my favorites pieces. I can wear it during any season and it always gives a nice touch to my outfit. I guess I have a thing for watches.

Now the Loft necklace. Obviously it’s silver, long and sadly they don’t sell it anymore. I say sadly because one of the little faux pearls is peeling but this necklace, just like the watch, has been worn through winter, spring, summer, fall etc etc. You get the picture.

Do you have any favorite pieces that you wear almost every day?

P.S. It’s Fridaaaaaaaay!!!!! so let’s celebrate with these tiny Scottish Terrier puppies!

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  1. Beautiful pieces. The watch is gorgeous! Love the necklace too.

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